Madrid’s Top Ten Restaurants by Madway

This post was originally published on, by Robert Nieuwland

As an expat living in Madrid, it can sometimes be hard finding places to eat. You aren’t familiar with the cuisine and your tastes may be different. Coming from the Netherlands, the cuisine I was used to couldn’t be more different to Spanish food! At the beginning of my time in Spain, I wasn’t sure which restaurants to go to or which ones I’d like, but then I came across Madrid’s Top Ten Restaurants by Madway.

In continuation of my first post about the Top 10 Spots for Nightlife in Madrid, I’m going to give you a selection of the best restaurants in Madrid. This list will come in handy for visitors, expats, new residents, and even locals, considering that dining out is a good thing to do in Madrid. So, if you’re looking for a good Spanish restaurant, or the best tapas in Madrid, continue reading this post!

1. La Cesta de Recoletos

One of the gastronomical references in the city, La Cesta serves high quality Spanish tapas and plates in an informal and modern setting. It is located on Recoletos street in upscale Barrio Salamanca (close to Plaza de la Independencia). The menu is based on the concept of fresh-from-the-market ingredients.
Address: Calle de Recoletos, 10
Telephone: +34 911 40 06 96

2. Palacio de Cibeles

Restaurant/Cafe Colección Cibeles has two restaurants in the emblematic Madrid Town Hall, also known as the Palacio de Cibeles, which used to house the city’s central post office. One of the restaurants is located at street level, with high-class tapas and menus being served in a luxury ambience. The other one is on the pen-ultimate floor of the building with brilliant views overlooking the city and the Plaza de Cibeles (you may know this as the place the football team Real Madrid celebrates their victories).
Address: Plaza Cibeles, 1
Telephone: +34 915 23 14 54

3. La Mucca del Prado

In the heart of the Las Letras area – the “barrio” where once the most famous writers of Spanish literature lived during the Golden Era – you’ll find this cozy and laid-back restaurant. The menu at La Mucca del Prado consists of both traditional Spanish classics and more international flavours.
Address: Calle del Prado, 16
Telephone: +34 914 20 23 49

4. Cocina de San Anton

This rooftop restaurant is integrated into the building of the San Anton Market in the Chueca area. The building has been recently transformed into a full-range gastronomic concept with a typical Spanish fresh-food market on the first floor, a tapas area on the second floor, and a trendy restaurant and lounge bar on the top floor, which is where you can find the Cocina de San Anton restaurant.
Address: Calle Augusto Figueroa, 24
Telephone: +34 913 30 02 94

5. Ramses

Designed by Philip Starck, Ramses is one of the city’s trendy hot spots, centrally located on the corner of the Calle Serrano – Madrid’s Golden Mile in terms of shopping. It has a heated terrace right at the Plaza de la Independencia with views of Madrid’s famous Retiro Park. Inside you’ll find a nice cocktail bar and several uniquely designed dining rooms to choose from.
Address: Plaza de la Independencia, 4
Telephone: 34 914 35 16 66

6. Ana La Santa

This brand-new restaurant located on one of the famous squares in Madrid, Plaza Santa Ana…maybe that’s where it gets its name: Ana La Santa. At this restaurant, they serve tapas and “raciones” (portions) with a modern touch. It is situated in the famous Reina Victoria Hotel, which has one of the best rooftop cocktail bars of the city (The Roof) for a late night drink after dinner.
Address: Plaza de Santa Ana, 14
Telephone: +34 917 01 60 13

7. Bosco de Lobos

Run by the same company as Ana La Santa, Bosco de Lobos is located in the interior courtyard and garden of the recently renovated building of the Association of Architects Madrid in the Chueca area, marked by glass walls and modernistic elements. If the beautiful atmosphere weren’t enough, this restaurant specializes in fine Italian dining.
Address: Colegio de Arquitectos, Hortaleza 63
Telephone: +34 915 249 464

8. Corral de la Morería

This is without doubt Madrid’s best flamenco restaurant, with the longest history of this tradition in the city and featuring the best artists. At Corral de la Moreria, excellent flamenco accompanies some quality Spanish food for the perfect night out.
Address: Calle de la Moreria, 17
Telephone: +34 913 65 11 37

9. Sergi Arola Gastro

Within three years of opening, the Sergi Arola Gastro restaurant has gained two Michelin stars – quite a feat! The menu changes monthly, with each classical dish specially created by talented chef Arola. This restaurant also features a private dining room (capacity: 12) with direct views of the kitchen, letting guests see the ingredients and how their food is prepared.
Address: Calle de Zurbano, 31
Telephone: +34 913 10 21 69

10. El Caldero

If you’ve always wanted to try the best paella in town and get “the real thing”, go to El Caldero! Apart from the typical paella from Valencia, (either with fish, seafood, meat, or mixed), they also offer other less-known rice dishes that might be worth a taste, like the odd-looking but extremely tasty “black rice”.
Address: Calle de Las Huertas, 15
Telephone: +34 914 29 50 44

When you’re dining out in Madrid, make sure you know what to order. Check out this post about the Top 10 Tapas in Spain. Buen provecho!